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DLP Series "Customized" Combination Solution Successfully Applied in Heavy Oil Exploitation

发布时间 2024-05-17

Recently, Dalipal has been shipping more than 1,100 tons of thermal production casings specially made for the heavy oil exploitation of our customer CNOOC. This batch of products is not only the company's first batch supply, but also a DLP series of "customized" combination technical solutions specially provided for our customers, effectively improves the yield strength of the casing at the steam injection operating temperature, ensures the sealing performance of the casing string at high temperatures, and brings a "low cost, high profit" experience to customers to a certain extent.

In order to verify the reliable performance of this customized solution product, the company has successively conducted high-temperature stretching, anti-collapse, anti-internal pressure, anti-sticking, and 30 rounds of physical evaluation tests of steam stimulation, all of which met the technical standards for heavy oil thermal recovery. This contract is not only a product supply, but also a successful practice for the company to provide process technology design services to customers, opening a new chapter in promoting the upgrade from "product manufacturing services" to "customized technical services".