The definition of Dalipal

Dalipal, the Chinese deduction of Dalipal, comes from the rearrangement of the English words Darling (intimate) and Pal (partner), translated as "intimate partner".

Dalipal's moral is "producing profit to the society, providing service to the customer and offering opportunity to the employees. ".

  • Producing Profit to the Society

    The implication is to achieve customer satisfaction, give full play to employees'abilities, express employees' ideas, wishes and abilities, and make the enterprise prosperous and prosperous.

  • Providing Service to the Customer

    Make every effort to create value for customers. The implication is that our products are competitive, our employees are innovative and our enterprises are strong.

  • Offering Opportunity to the Employees

    Make every effort to create opportunities for employees. It implies that the development of enterprises will benefit employees, shareholders and society generally.


The pieces are the user, the pieces are the market, and the root pieces are the brand.

Enterprise Core

Respect, Honesty, Team and Innovation

Corporate Morality  

Honesty, integrity and openness

Enterprise style  

Strict, pragmatic, responsible and efficient

Business Philosophy

Openess makes the best, Suitability makes the right, Strategy makes Achievement

Enterprise Services  

Think about what customers want and what customers need. Customer's demand is our goal

Business management

Institutional Governance, Duty-fulfilling Process Governance and Result Orientation

Enterprise Talents

Knowing people and making good use of them, appointing people only by virtue, introducing talents from outside to inside, and achieving talents

Enterprise Safety

Safety First, Prevention First, Mobilization of All Staff and Care for Life

Enterprise Quality

One pipe, one well, one tube, one market

Enterprise Style