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Dalipal Won the First Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Certification of PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company

发布时间 2024-04-25

Certified by China Quality Certification Center, the company's 139.7*12.7 140V DLP-T4 self-developed product won the carbon footprint certificate of this certification, which is the first supply chain carbon footprint certification of Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company.

This certification is not only a high recognition by customers of Dalipal's long-term adherence to the concept of green development, but also a strong endorsement of our company's product quality, environmental performance and service commitments. It will also further promote the green and low-carbon level of the company's product supply chain and transformation and upgrading process. In the future, Dalipal will continue to uphold the concept of green development, lead the industry's green supply chain construction with practical actions, and make greater contributions to building a low-carbon economic system and protecting our planet.