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Dalipal was Recognized as a "Leader" Enterprise in China's Industrial Carbon Peaking

发布时间 2024-01-14

On 14 January, the China Federation of Industrial Economics released the list of "front-runner" companies for China's industrial carbon peaking in 2023, and issued honorary certificates to 63 "front-runner" companies, among which Dalipal was included. 

In order to thoroughly implement the country's decision-making and deployment on "doing a good job in carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", from 2022, the China Federation of Industrial Economics has carried out China's industrial carbon peaking "front-runner" companies from the three dimensions of selection and demonstration, investigation and research, and publicity and cultivation starting. Based on a large amount of information provided by enterprises on quality improvement, efficiency improvement, consumption reduction action deployment, implementation paths and cases in the green and low-carbon field, 63 "front runners" enterprise were identified through organizational reporting, on-site reviews and expert review. " Five characteristics of "front-runner" companies were extracted: solid basic work and sound emission data; planning first, management innovation; significant carbon emission reduction effects, and continuous optimization of energy structure ; The research and development capabilities of low-carbon technologies and products have been continuously improved, driving upstream and downstream emission reductions in the industry as a whole; reducing carbon emissions throughout the product life cycle, and vigorously developing a circular economy.

Dalipal has always adhered to green and low-carbon development, guided by comprehensive green transformation, unswervingly adheres to the high-quality development path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon, and strives to build a high-end green equipment manufacturing enterprise led by technology. China has entered a critical period towards the goal of carbon peaking and the vision of carbon neutrality. On the new journey of ecological civilization construction, Dalipal people will continue to implement the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategic deployment, with hard work and responsibility, demonstrate the goodwill and responsibility of the manufacturing industry to society, and make new contributions to promoting the construction of ecological civilization to achieve new progress and the construction of beautiful China to a new level.