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The Company Launches the 2024 "Employee Mutual Aid One Day Donation" Activity

发布时间 2023-12-22

In December, the company's labor union organized the 2024 "Employees' One-Day Donation for Mutual Aid" event, actively mobilizing all employees to actively donate and show love. A total of RMB66,450 was raised this time, all of which will be handed over to the Cangzhou Bohai New District Federation of Trade Unions to help families of employees in need.

A trickle of water merges into a sea, and every act of kindness creates great love. The company will persist in carrying out " Employees' One-Day Donation for Mutual Aid " and other social welfare activities to send warmth and assistance to more needy employee families, interpret the corporate purpose of "creating harmony for society" with practical actions, and actively convey the positive energy of love!