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Find “True Love” in Qixi Fellowship Activity "Destiny Is You"

Release time 2022-08-05

On the morning of 4th August, the Qixi Fellowship Activity "Destiny Is You" was held at the Staff Service Center of Cangzhou Bohai New Area. A total of 60 single young people from Dalipal and neighboring enterprises participated in the event.

Led by the host, the warm-up game "Drumming and Passing Flowers" kicked off the event, and then a series of colorful interactive games and talent shows were carried out, such as "snatch a stool", "transport table tennis" and "who is the undercover". In the wonderful and romantic game interaction, the young people gradually eliminated the sense of strangeness and restraint when they met for the first time, shortened the distance from each other, and the scene was full of joy. Accompanied by romantic music, the young people sat around the table, chatted with each other, and enjoyed desserts and delicacies. Some young people bravely confessed to their favorite ones. It is reported that many people exchange their contact information for further understanding.

The purpose of this activity is to further enrich the after-work cultural life of young employees and build a sincere friendship platform for young employees.