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Send Coolness in Hot Summer, Pay Tribute to the Most Honored Firefighters.

Release time 2022-07-29

On July 27, representatives of Dalipal came to the Cangzhou Bohai New Area Fire-Fighting Rescue Brigade with their sincere heart to repay society and deep friendship for the Most Honored Firefighters and sent them coolness in summer. On behalf of all employees of Dalipal, the representatives expressed their respects and greetings to the fire-fighters and expressed gratitude to the Fire-Fighting Rescue Brigade for their contribution to maintaining and ensuring fire-fighting safety.

In recent years, Dalipal has been in close contact with the fire rescue brigade and has established a coordinated linkage and rapid response mechanism to jointly maintain the company's fire-fighting safety and stability and made due contributions to the stable development of society and fire safety, which was also a performance about Dalipal’s employees practiced the corporate purpose of "creating harmony for the society".