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Fated to the Qixi Festival Magpie Bridge Meeting, it's Time to Make Friends

发布时间 2023-08-22

On the occasion of the Qixi Festival, in order to further enrich the spare time life of young employees and enhance their sense of gain and happiness in marriage and friendship, on the afternoon of 22 August, Dalipal’s trade union specially organized 24 single young employees to participate in the single youth association held in Gang Cheng Industrial Park.

The atmosphere at the event site was relaxed and lively. Driven by the host, everyone participated in the game sessions such as "ice breaking introduction", "ultimate password", "hands and feet dancing" and "Happy Qixi Festival", deepened the impression and understanding of each other in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. In the love confession session, everyone bravely expressed love, sent flowers and confession to the person they love, and the new experience in life continued to “+1”.

Next, the company's labor union will continue to play the role of linking the youth, constantly innovate the form of activities, and build more new platforms for the company's employees to broaden their communication and show themselves.