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World Blood Donation Day: More than 100 "Petroleum Blue" Donated More than 30,000 Milliliters of Blood

发布时间 2023-06-14

14 June is the 20th World Blood Donation Day. Dalipal organized a voluntary blood donation activity. More than 110 employees actively signed up to participate. 102 employees successfully donated blood, and the total amount of blood donation reached 30,800 ml.

At the event site, under the guidance of the medical staff, everyone went to the blood donation vehicle in order to collect blood. In the blood donation team, there are "new recruits" who have donated blood for the first time, and "veterans" who have persisted in donating blood for many times. They rolled up their sleeves, clenched their fists, and let the bright red blood slowly flow into the blood bag along the needle...

Donating blood without compensation is a kind act, and it is even more responsible! Dalipal employees practice the company's corporate tenet of "assist the society" with practical actions, convey the positive energy of love to the society, and do their best to relay life.