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Dalipal Actively Implements the New Concept of Green Transportation

Release time 2022-07-15

Recently, Dalipal and Handan-Huanghua Railway Co., Ltd., which is also located in Huanghua Port, have reached a railway direct transportation cooperation. Since then, the company's products can be sent across the country from Bohai West Station, which is less than 5 kilometers away from the factory. The current situation that the products are directly sent to customers by road or transferred to Cangzhou Railway Station which is 100 kilometers away can be changed.

On 14 July, Dalipal cooperated with the Handan-Huanghua Railway to hold the green transportation launching ceremony of "The Departure of Dalipal’s products from Bohai West Station", which marked the official opening of the "Road to Raliway " green transportation channel of Dalipal. This measure not only provides good support for Dalipal to provide high-quality services to customers and brings new opportunities, also demonstrates that Dalipal upholds the development concept of green, low-carbon, high-efficiency and innovation, and actively practices the social responsibility about "Coexist with the Environment".