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Dalipal Conducted ESG Thematic Training

Release time 2022-06-15

On 13 June, Dalipal invited the management consultant of GoldenBee (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to carry out an ESG thematic training for nearly 100 employees including the company's middle and senior management.

The training introduced the concept of ESG and its importance to the development of enterprises, described how ESG is integrated into the daily operation and management of enterprises, reported the requirements and trends of listed companies’ information disclosure, and expounded the construction of ESG system in combination with regulatory requirements and mainstream rating standards. A detailed presentation combined with the actual situation has benefited managers at all levels and was of great significance to the planning, promotion and practice of the company's ESG implementation plan.

Dalipal will be consistent to be guided by the ESG concept, continue to benchmark against advanced enterprises in the industry, improve the ESG indicator system and management requirements, and gradually establish an ESG management system with Dalipal’s characteristics, which will help the company to significantly improve its sustainable development capabilities.